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KunststoffpalettenPlastic pallets

Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are wooden pallets to complement. Numerous product innovations have been able in recent years to increase the percentage of used plastic pallet. Classic applications are hygiene-areas or export shipments. There are also customized pool solutions that address the benefits of the material plastic, such as weight, clean room applications, or electrical conductivity. We offer plastic pallets in reusable and export grades:

  • In many dimensions: Euro size, container size (1100x1100 mm 1100x1300 mm 1143x1143 mm), inch dimensions or special sizes
  • PE, PP or recycled material
  • In robust designs for multiple uses
  • As a lightweight and cost-effective option, even with high loads for export
  • As special solutions, for example chemical pallets, drum pallets, pallets for automotive industry
  • With properties such as perforated or closed top surface, skid, slip resistance, nestable, regal bearing and ground-rollable, antistatic or electrically conductive, perimetric or fullperimetric bottom frame for block storage
  • With additional details such as rounded corners, latches, functional gaps, RFID transponder for the electronic tracking

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Plastic pallet
Plastic pallet