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The M-Series

The M-Series is a new generation of boxes for light to moderate loads up to 1,000 kg, which can be because of the patented clip system repeatedly assembled and take apart without tools. Boxes of the M-Series are made stable and are suitable for the one-way shipping and as returnable packaging. 4 different types with different price ranges stand by to choose from. The containers are manufactured in 40 different standard sizes and are specialized for various applications. In addition, the M-series is build in any desired sizes.

The click of the clip

The connection of the box elements is provided on site by the supplied metal clips. These will be strapped without tools intuitively and with little effort on the corners. Assembling and taking apart many times is possible. Due to the patented clip system  the elements sit firmly together. A loosening of the connection is still possible with a handle. This element by element design offers many advantages. For loading operations, for example, individual elements can be released and subsequently re-grown. If a part is defective, it can be replaced over the replacement service. So the box is back up and running quickly. The lifetime of a box is extended so far.

One box generation = many advantages

  • The M-Series is light and still strong, reducible and re-usable, easy to open and load, as well as stackable
  • Flexible loading options reduce costs, working time and risk of injury
  • Water protection, protection from rain and sea water
  • Tool-free installation
  • Overseas packaging to the desiccants-method together with self-sealing isolated bags as self toolkit (optional)
  • Repair of damaged elements by exchanging service
  • Easy to recycle, because of 100% wood
  • Allover a sustainable product, show the world your environmental and cost awareness
  • Space-optimized, saves freight costs and storage costs
  • ISO-container optimized variants (FCL / LCL)
  • Suitable for air shipment
  • Exportable in accordance with IPPC NIMF-15 manufactured and marked with certificate
  • Economical customizeable, e.g. with your letters or company logo
  • From quality-controlled production, kiln dried and planned timber

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