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KunsttransportArt transport

Art packaging and other high sensible goods

The M-Series is also suitable for the transport of works of art, like paintings and sculptures, and other sensitive goods. You get a in properties and look standardized product. The patented clip system will ease the loading process. Take art packaging of the rod: simple, safe and with thoughtful details.


Lined out are the boxes of the M-Series for the art transport with special textiles to provide high-value goods with additional protection against damage and shock. The closed structure protects from light and heavy water spray. The boxes are made entirely of wood. Wood is a robust and durable material. Due to the increased fiber structure the box also retains even if damaged much of its payload.

In addition, the boxes can be provided with vibration-damping rubber pads.


The boxes of the M-Series are closed on all sides. That provides view protection from unwanted eyes. The boxes appear in the mail as usual packages and give no attention.

All metal clips are provided with holes. Through these holes you can attach the metal clips with screws on the frame. This makes it difficult for unauthorized usage. A forced opening of the box, as is possible with conventional designs, is due to the enclosing metal clips only possible with great effort.


Protect your precious objects against bearing damage caused by external influence. The boxes provide protection from knocks and bumps, but also from light and to some extent, from water. Thanks to the clip system, the boxes are easily opened and closed recurring.

Such packed,the art objects are moved slightly in the warehouse and the shipping preparation is a breeze.

If the box for example is during a show not needed, it can be disassembled to save space. This saves up to 80% space.

Also for big masterpieces

The M-series is available in 40 standard sizes from large to small. Depending on the size you get the boxes with and without pallet. Moreover, we can make every conceivable dimension.