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AusstellungstransportTrade fair transport

Trade fair boxes and exhibition boxes

Exhibits and exhibition facilities have special requirements for the transport packaging. The size of the transport package has to adapt not only to your exhibits. Exhibition equipment and exhibits will also need the right protection, so they do not harm their grand entrance.

Abu Dhabi or Munich?

The conditions are always different and they are often unknown: different shipping routes, other manipulations, changing staff and how will be the storage? The diversity of the M-Series is exactly the right thing for such demanding tasks.

The M series comes from mass production. This gives you a good and always the same appearance of the containers in the robustness of a reusable system. This is your professional appearance.


Because of the patented clip system, the containers are recurring to build up and disassembling without tools. The system is easy to understand and also works without instructions. By the element-wise structure of the metal clips the loading is much easier. Remove the offending wall with just a few steps from.

Designed was the M-Series in a system of 4 types with a total of 40 different sizes, space optimized for different shipping routes. In addition, we will produce your desired sizes. With the robustness of a pool packaging, the M-Series endures many transport routes. The closed structure, also available in frame design, makes the boxes strong and yet lightweight. Also, the boxes are stackable. Thus, the transport is possible by truck, shipping container, railroad, airplane, or even in the vans. All cases correspond to the IPPC ISPM-15 for shipment to foreign countries.

If a box gets damaged on its many journeys, you can replace the defective part simply without tools by the replacement service.


Use the boxes as storage containers between your exhibitions. Boxes of the M-Series can be stacked not only, they are closed on all sides. This protects your valuables from light, strong water, dust and mechanical influences. Thanks to the clips, the boxes can be in between times opened with ease. A container for the life of your exhibit in all situations.


Protect your sensitive goods also by the tapping of the container with special textiles. Upon request we provide you with this protection.

Personalize the containers easily and inexpensively with your lettering or logo. On request, we will label your containers.