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Transport von KleinteilenTransport of small packages

Small packages

The M-Series offers a range of containers suitable for shipment and storage of small items.

Is the use of a box made of corrugated cardboard insufficient to you, because your product is too heavy or too sharp? Do you want a more stable protective shell around your property? Do you like to use the same box as a durable reusable packaging? Or do you search for a box with a special appearance?

Boxes of the M-Series offer all this - light weight, all sides closed and stable. The interior is completely flat. Even bulk materials can be filled in the M-Series. By the patented clip system, the box elements are constructed on site without tools. When loading, you can decide which walls should be added later on. The assembly is many times possible. Disassembled you save up to 80% space.

Designed are the small boxes for the euro-grid. This allows the boxes to be stapled in space-optimized standard sizes of 800x1200, 800x600 or 400x600 mm. The bottom is flat or on skids. In addition to the standard sizes we can produce also request sizes.

Retail packaging

Take advantage of the rustic look and industrial touch of the M-Series as a retail package. The M-Series exudes not only strength but also naturalness. In order to excite at the point-of-sale on the sale out of the box or as packaging for high-quality promotional merchandise. The qualitative processing of natural materials creates an equally high-quality appearance of your goods. You get a strong package that can even be used for transport.

  • For heavy goods, we provide you also boxes with pallet.
  • The dimensions are designed for a space optimized transport.
  • The plywood surface is smooth and easily to label or paste.
  • The solid wood pieces are planed. The risk of injury is thus low. With the tool-free fastener the boxes are self-explanatory to be opend and closed. 
  • The return is disassembled possible with 80% space savings.
  • Damaged items can be change on the replacement service at low personal expense. 
  • Recycling at the customer site on a waste management company is without problems possible as wood of the class I. 
  • But really, recycling of the boxes of the M-Series is too pity and can be used as protective packaging for a full product life.