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LKW-TransportTruck transport

The M-Series in the truck transport

For transport by road and rail the module in euro-dimensions offers a great diversity in dimensions. Whether narrow and high or wide and flat. In standard sizes they are suitable  for everyone. All of them are space-optimized for usual loading dimensions. All containers have pallet suitable for pallet trucks to handle the loading and unloading with ease.


The M-Series is ruggedly built for multiple use, which is just on short routes profitable. The collapsible design of the patented clip system reduces the cost of maintaining the pool enormous for both empty return and for repairs. We offer a replacement service for a quick and uncomplicated receiption of the necessary spare parts. These can be replaced without tools and without much effort.

Volume und weight optimized

Compared with conventional solid wood or plywood boxes, the boxes have a weight advantage in frame construction. Nevertheless, they receive the same mechanical load capacities up to a maximum of 1000 kg per box. It also allows a sophisticated way to use special volume-weight ratio.


Boxes of the M-Series are manufactured in modern mass production and at the same high quality. 

There are no problems with mould, as all containers are made of dry wood elements. Due to the completely closed structure, the M-Series protects against dust, light and moisture even in heavy spray. The boxes are by the metal clips easily to open again and to seal. Thus, the cases also be appropriate for use as storage containers.