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Boxes of the M-Series are available in 4 types. Depending on the size the boxes have a 2-/4-way pallet with closed surface or a bottom plate. All boxes come by default with a lid. All types are suitable for export.


Plywood frames are made of 6 mm plywood on a 20x68 mm pine wood frame. These boxes are light weight and very stable, designed for multiple use. The wood is in accordance with IPPC NIMP-15 heat-treated and kiln dried. The plywood is glued waterproof and keeps out water to stand up over time.


Here, the retaining tab of the clips are milled directly into the 15 mm thick plywood. The appearance is thus very homogeneous. The boxes have a high disruptive discharge strength, stability and wear resistance. The plywood has proven to be extremely robust against sea water and rain.

Particle board frame

The 10 mm particle board is mounted on a chipboard frame. The frame improves the stackability. The increased rigidity of the box is achieved simultaneously with reduced weight. Particle board is less robust than plywood. The weather resistance is lower. But the boxes are inexpensive and are ideal for the one-way shipping.

Particle board

The frameless boxes of 16 mm particle board are very cost-conscious for the one-way shipping. The boxes are designed for the interests of a single shipment made with medium loads. Take advantage of the cost efficiency of this construction type. 

The big secret

What actually distinguishes the M-Series  from other folding wooden boxes? The patented metal clip...

  • The metal clip allows you to build up any box element solitary. This also allows each damaged element to be replaced individualy. Other folding boxes have often hinges that combine a large part of the box elements irreversibly. Thanks to the metal clips there are no moving parts prone to failure.
  • Also the interior of boxes of the M-series is totaly free. No wood strips for locking of the side walls to restrict the shelf down to the bottom plate.
  • The metal clip clamps the box elements together very strong and tight. Thus, the boxes are easy to open and close. No bolt down of the lid or folding of metal brackets.
  • The clip delivers what it promises. The clamping mechanism is also secured against accidental opening.
  • The box elements are unmixed. The rec<ycling will be much easier.
  • And the best part: The M-Series has, despite the many structural advantages, a simple design, which leads to a good price-performance ratio. Where the true cost savings are beyond the low purchase price...