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Gem├╝sekistenVegetable boxes

Boxes for fruits and vegetable

The containers of the M-series are also suitable for robust use in the fruit and vegetable production. Especially for the storage and transport of fruit and vegetables these boxes have been developed. In contrast to the usual components, the vegetable boxes were designed as ventilated crate, made of solid wood with a stable pallet in the compact standard size of 1050x1050 mm. Thanks to the  patented clip system, the boxes are at any time repeatedly assembled and take apart without tools.


The boards inside have rounded corners so that your fruit gets not damaged. Spaces in the side walls allow a steady ventilation of all sides, also from the bottom. Your precious vegetables or fruits are surrounded of a natural, untreated material from which no health dangers may arise during consumption.


The vegetable boxes are made of kiln dried pine. Pine is known for its natural disinfectant effect. The inside surfaces are planed and smooth. If necessary, the surface can be cleaned with water.


The boxes of the M-Series are made by machine. This ensures a constant processing quality. The vegetable boxes in particular have a stable of solid pine wood planking. The pallet was designed compact. Wide blocks distribute the load over a large area.

Long Life

The components of the M-Series vegetable boxes are all designed to be robust. If individual elements are defective or worn out, they can be replaced on our replacement service. Labor-intensive repairing can be saved. By the replacement of individual components also entirely new concepts of pool maintenance will be possible. From now on a failed pool maintenance in economically difficult times will have no serious effect on your stocks. If an item is damaged, use the rest of the box as spare parts for ither boxes. The components are standardized and interchangeable. Maintenance for free the remaining stock. Therefore, your stocks are being reduced slowly if you can not afford to do pool maintenance. The pool is initially high quality and all of the outstanding boxes are fully functional. Later, you simply buy the failed elements from the replacing service to return to the old pool strength. This is only possible with the M-Series.

Saves freight and storage costs

The boxes are compact and stackable. This allows to a good use of the cargo space and storage space. With the standard external dimension of 1050x1050 mm, the boxes also fit to older agricultural vehicles or vans. And when folded it saves 80% space. During transportation or storage of empty boxes results in a up to 5 times better utilization of capacity.


Boxes of the M-Series are real nature's boys. Made of untreated pine wood from sustainable forestry, the boxes are just like their content - a natural product. As a solid wood product, the boxes can be disposed of at the end of their life cycle without problems on the wood waste recycling. Apart from the natural wood ingredients the boxes do not emitate pollutants to their environment.