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ChemiepalettenChemistry pallets

Chemistry pallets

Chemistry pallets, we offer to the valid APME/VCI directive "Pallets For The Chemical Industry," Issue 6, April 2004. Although the pallets have been developed for use in the chemical industry, they can also be used for the loading of other goods.

Set off by the Packaging-Ordinance in 1991, a system was developedto decrease the diversity of pallet types within the chemical industry. The result was a policy that governs the appearance and processing of 9 types of pallets. Moreover, this directive controls the registration of pallet manufacturers and the possibility of a reconditioning system. This open pallet pool associated benefits of single and pool-pallet systems. The absence of a central quality control reduces costs, but drives manufacturers and users to self-monitoring.

Extract of our delivery program




1000x1200 mm

Mostly used pallet for chemical products (e.g. bags, cartons, intermediate bulk containers)

1000 kg

800x1200 mm

Used in consumer related sectors, retail, alternative to europoolpallets (cartons, fiber drums, canister)

1400 kg

1140x1140 mm

Container-pallet, suitable für FIBC, octabins, drums Æ 585 mm

900 kg

1100x1300  mm

Shipping of bulk goods, preferably plastic pellets, fertilizer

980 kg

1140x760 mm

Container-friendly pallet, suitable for small cargo, e.g. corrugated boxes

1300 kg

1000x1200 mm

Shipping of bulk goods in bags

1800 kg

1100x1300 mm

Shipping of bulk goods in bags, preferably plastic pellets, fertilizer

1600 kg

1140x1140 mm

Container-friendly pallet for FIBC/octabins with floor-leak

1900 kg

1140x1140 mm

Container-pallet, suitable for FIBC, octabins, drums Æ 585 mm

1500 kg

*The payload is an average measurement that describes the failure limit of the pallets in a full-scale and uniform load. The suitability of the pallet type should be tested prior to use under practical conditions. For permanent storage on the shelf, the load should be reduced to a nominal load with double safety.

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