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Europallets are pallets in dimension 800x1200 mm, made according to UIC standard 435-2 and for exchange in the open pooling. By creating a stable and universal design these pallets are prepared for many applications. With an estimated global stock of over 500 million units, it is the pool-pallet with the largest circulation.

Extract of our delivery program




800x1200 mm

new europallet, EPAL, IPPC

2000 kg

800x1200 mm

used europallet, 1st choice , white quality, little used, repaired, exchangeable

2000 kg

800x1200 mm

used europallet, 2nd choice, forwarding quality, repaired, exchangeable


*The payload is an average measurement that describes the failure limit of the pallets in a full-scale and uniform load. The suitability of the pallet type should be tested prior to use under practical conditions. For permanent storage on the shelf, the load should be reduced to a nominal load with double safety.

Of course, we also supply all the pallets under the IPPC NIMP-15 for export. Since January 2010, the EPAL requires their licensed manufacturer to produce and indicate all pallets in compliance to the NIMP-15 directive. Therefore, we provide you with new euro pallets EPAL stamped only acc. to IPPC NIMP-15.

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