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IndustriepalettenIndustrial pallets

Industrial pallets

The dimension of 1000x1200 mm is in addition to the euro-size 800x1200 mm, a common metric. Used by the dimensions 1000x1200 mm mainly in industry for the packaging of semi-finished goods. Because of this use a plenty of extremely robust pallet variants has revealed. This basic measure is also in Asia and North America (48x40 inch = 1219x1016 mm) common. We offer industrial pallet in many variants. We also manufacture these pallets to your specifications for in-house pallet pools.

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1000x1200 mm

One-way pallet, 4-way, 17 mm boards, with 7 top boards 78 mm, 9 blocks

900 kg

1000x1200 mm

DIN-pallet, 4-way, acc. DIN 15146-3

2.000 kg

*The payload is an average measurement that describes the failure limit of the pallets in a full-scale and uniform load. The suitability of the pallet type should be tested prior to use under practical conditions. For permanent storage on the shelf, the load should be reduced to a nominal load with double safety.

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