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Import and export of wooden packaging material


If necessary, we deliver pallets under the IPPC ISPM-15 / NIMP-15 / NIMF-15 standard for export items. These are processed against plant pests, such as Sirex, nematodes, etc. according to statutory requirements. We fully document. Continuously, we deal with the problems of import and export of wooden containers. By our experience, you can benefit.

Pallets, crates and other packaging materials out of wood, which are intended for the movement outside the EU, are subjected to the Pflanzenbeschauverordnung. To facilitate the import and export of wooden packaging the directive NIMP-15 of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) was established by the United Nations. A growing number of states will apply this standard to facilitate the movement of goods.

The policy states that wood packaging must be permanently marked with the emblem of the IPPC. How this must look like, you can see on the right side. The logo may be applied only by registered handlers and packers, if the timber complies with the requirements of the NIMP-15. The most important criteria is, that the wood is free of pests, has no or very little bark and an approved treatment has been subjected. Acceptable treatments are the heat treatment, heat treatment with kiln drying and fumigation. Fumigation with, for example Methyl bromide (MB) will take place mainly in ports and at sea. MB is not used in Germany. The heat treatment (HT), possibly with simultaneous drying of wood, is the most widely used method for the disinfestation of wood packaging within the Euroopean Union. Unique heat-treated pallets are treated as permanent. However, some states provide, inter alia Australia, by dates prior to, or allow other treatments instead of HT or MB. Wood packaging, that does not meet the guidelines, will be rejected, destroyed by the enforcement authorities, or re-reated including the loading. The costs of handling must to be borne by the sender or the recipient.

Trust, therefore, our competencies. We help you to ship your merchandise neatly and effectively. We deal regularly with the problems, develop solutions, are disposal for contact and guide you through the shipping process.


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